Festool Dust Extractors

Dust removal is the guarantee of your health, quality of work and longevity of tools. Everyone knows this. Well, almost everything.

Many even use a vacuum cleaner when working with a tool. But there are nuances. Dust removal must be effective. Otherwise: the life of the power tool will be interesting, but short-lived. Or worse: hello, cancer.

The dust extraction system or design specialists for specific tasks or use system solutions, as suggested by Festool.

Theoretically, if there was a laminar flow of dust suspension at the output of the instrument, then in this case any vacuum cleaner of the appropriate power could efficiently remove dust. In theory. In reality, however, the compact dimensions of the hand tool do not allow the streams to be "straightened", the same limitation forces the tool developers to place the impeller not always coaxially to the branch pipe, which creates turbulent turbulence, the main supplier of dust to our lungs and collectors of power tools.With the thought of the health and comfort of the masters, the development engineers created super-efficient dust extractors Festool, and in the human language - classy vacuum cleaners.

Festool vacuum cleaners are an integral part of the overall Festool system, thought out to the smallest detail, where tools, equipment and dust extraction equipment are suitable and complementary. The secret of Festool in the system.Another reason is the extended service life of power tools. Few people think that to cool the engine, the instrument sucks in air, already containing dust particles of a different caliber from the room, adds processing products to it, and this formed mixture of dust, organic and synthetic fibers, moisture, sometimes metal particles - accelerates, swirls and trying to find a way out. If the velocity of such a flow will be at least slightly less than the flow rate at the inlet in the dust-collecting hose, then some of this dust returns to the air, and a part gets into the engine due to pulsating fluctuation oscillations. It's unavoidable. Therefore, not only should the vacuum cleaner be selected in the most careful way, but also the configuration of the branch pipe, hose and adapters. Those. we again return to the need to use only system solutions.

Also, using the Festool vacuum cleaner will affect the best quality of your work. Dust, in addition to the above, is an abrasive that is electrified and thereby instantly settles on surfaces, penetrates into liquids and pastes. Not to mention the fact that dust worsens visibility.And thanks to a neat and clean workplace, your image will grow as a highly professional specialist. What directly affects the amount of compensation.

Automatic filter cleaning system AUTOCLEAN with continuous adjustment of cleaning intervals, static protection (function "Antistatic"), constantly high suction power thanks to a compact high-power turbine - these are just some of the advantages of Festool vacuum cleaners.

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7 Item(s)